Sunday, January 2, 2011



就此告退. 掰~

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Past Tense of Shin

Hacker is here again =P
Today Mr. ShinChong is going to PD so called Port Dickson.
So, am going to help him "Mess" up his bloggie agian =P
Seriously, am got no idea wut to update here....

What about sharing his past tense?
wow... Seems a good idea here =D
Although am not his old old friend .. Haha
But, this world got something called as Google, FB, Friendster, and bla bla bla...
Of course, as a good hacker here..... Am going to make a research about him.... =P

So here we go.

P/S: due to we just only focus to Mr.Shin, so his friends will be stamp with a star
Sorry about that.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. =P

His face so weirdo here =P

I think this is his the best shot here

A Blue-Bull here xD
See..... He act cute agian

OMG~ Accidently found out this xD
Ain't he's cute? Hahaa...
A very fake smile he got... Haha

He drunk face with a red red body =.=

The Smile so scary xD
Lagi sekali weirdo face again  xD
People taking photo, dia ka-kacao-cao behind
Hamsap lou

I-lek... Acting cool
Rabbit Rabbit =D
Wut a Bu-Xuek Face here
Like a kiddie there sayang a Rabbit
He's bullying the rabbit!!!
Again a silly face of him =P
See See... Act cute again. Haha
Always incorporate there
Acting again =P
This Funny!!!
When still got baby face on his face
Ah-pek shin
Cham liao.. Boh Image liao xD
Lagi tak dah image liao.. Hoho... *All Girl faster run away!*
He really looks cute when secondary... Haha

Seriously Pig over here... xD
Fat Before??
The bukti of he always SLEEP all the time
LASTLY, we got to end with this photo =D
See... Sleep again xD Summore with scary expression!!!

Okay la... I think am should stop here dee..
It's take me more than 3hours to finish this blog >____<
Kinda tiring here...

Finish Spamming Again =P


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Am Not ShinChong here. Am a Hacker. *bwahaha*
Hmmmm... Dunno how long he blank his bloggie already.
Today, am going to mess up his blog as he say he got a "CLEAN" blog here =P
Let me talk about my first impression of this blog owner first.
He is actually a person who like to act as those fake fake shy type boy and then keep on act cool person
But then, in real, he ain't this kind of people=P
He just JiaJia there only..


He like to sleep.
Always sleep sleep sleep from night to noon
From day to night.
Just like a pig

He like to nag
Always nag nag nag all the time.
Just like a daddy

He like to say awww... sorry.
Always sorry here sorry there, keep on sorry
Just like SJ sorry dance

He like to act cute all the time
Always say he is the cutest.
Just like a kid say he is cute

He like to eat vinegar
Always jealous here jealous there
Just like a vinegar bottle

He like to nag, say sorry, act cute, and eat vinegar because of he care =P
So, he actually is quite a nice person la... Haha...
So, we should apologize him with his mistake, If not, he will say again:
"Awwww... Sorry"

Finished spamming.